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Ben Alexander travels the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his seminars:

The New Age and Spiritualism

Ever see a sign on the roadside that says "Sister Ann knows and sees all"? You think that they are all phony? Ever actually visited a spiritualist and found that they knew more about you than you expected? Ever tried to contact the dead through a spiritualist medium?

Ben Alexander's shocking seminar on 'The New Age and Spiritualism' will answer all of your questions about spiritualism. As a former spiritualist medium, Ben has seen first hand the dark truth about this side of life (and death).

Find out how Ben escaped the awful world of the dead

Find out how The New Age Movement is connected to spiritualism

Hear Ben explain demon possession and it's morbid oppression

Gateway to The Occult - The Ouija Board

Did you buy your child a Ouija Board thinking it was just a harmless toy? How could a piece of masonite and a chunk of plastic possibly be dangerous? Ben's mission over the past 3 decades has uncovered the truth: Satan uses this unsuspecting 'toy' to lure thousands of souls into the occult!

Discover the true power behind the Ouija Board

Hear actual testimonies from people that Ben has rescued from this tragedy

Discover the consequences brought on by this 'simple' board game

Psychic Phenomena (Slide Presentation)

Spiritualists are people who claim to be able to contact the dead. Maybe you have used one to try to contact a departed spouse or sibling. Some of you were probably very surprised at what you saw and heard.

Hear Ben's first hand experiences and how he was able to contact the 'dead'.

See actual photographs taken during seances - you'll be shocked at what appears
Hear Ben's testimony on how he was able to pull away from Satan's grasp!

Now you can have Ben Alexander, author of the celebrated book 'Out From Darkness', speak to your church. This three day session is guaranteed to enlighten even the most skeptical and to challenge those who "participate" in the occult. Also included is a Sunday morning sermon on the Ministry of the Holy Spirit and a Sunday School class for your teens.

ESP is a faith mission. This means that there is no charge for these seminars. Instead it is requested that you take up a Love Offering for the ministry after each of the messages (excluding Sunday School).

Your church's only obligation would be Ben's travel expenses and hospitality.

Seminar Schedule

Saturday Evening - The New Age and Spiritualism
Sunday Worship Hour - The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Sunday Evening - Gateway to the Occult - The Ouija Board
Monday Evening - Psychic Phenomena (Slide Presentation)
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