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This section of the website is dedicated to ministry resources for combating the powers of Satan on earth. Here, you will find resources that are available from Ben's ministry as well as other resources. We hope that these tools may be beneficial to you and to those to whom you minister.


by Ben Alexander
Paypal"Entertaining Demons Unawares" is the true story of one man’s plunge into the deepest depths of the occult. Tucked within his story is another story -- that of a family’s weekly Saturday night “live” communication with their dead father. Ben Alexander shares his testimony and involvement with the Miller family séances from table tipping to automatic writing to trance mediumship to the highest level of psychic phenomena known as materialization. After narrowly escaping these spiritualist activities, Ben has spent the remainder of his life investigating the occult and occult practices. With sixty years of experience and study of Spiritualism behind him, Ben knows what he is talking about and is an expert in this field of study.

Among contemporary notables who advocate Spiritualism are the writers of the Ghostbuster movie. Dan Aykroyd’s father, Peter, reveals in his book, A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters, that the inspiration behind this mega-million dollar movie came from experiences engrained in generations of the Aykroyd family -- many similar to Ben’s experiences.

Sadly, the ghostbuster phenomena is the dream of millions of Spiritualists who are unaware of the demons they are inviting into their lives. Millions of others, including Christians, are in contact with the supposed dead on a daily basis. Most people see this film as comedy. Scratch beneath the surface and you will discover it is about a very serious and soul-destroying topic: demon possession.

In these pages Ben exposes, through personal experience and God’s Word, the real person and power behind Satan’s psychics.

Entertaining Demons Unawares has many powerful messages for the reader:

The Power of Conversation - Few of us realize what the long range results will be of the words we say to someone today. We need to be careful of our words!

The Power of Prayer - Ben shows how prayer changes people and things! And it is time for God's people to tap into the power of prayer.

The Power of Taking Interest in Someone Else's Life - It was this type of personal interest that changed Ben Alexander's life, and, thus the lives of tens of thousands of others!

The Power of Sharing God's promise of Forgiveness - People today need to hear the powerful message that God's Grace is always greater than man's disgrace.

"What Ben Alexander tells you about the activity of the spiritualist, what goes on in a seance, what happens in the secret chambers of a medium, etc. is unbelievable, but absolutely true!
I don't believe that I have ever met anyone who is as full of integrity as Ben Alexander, nor have I met anyone who is as full of courage as this single man."... Knofel Staton, President Pacific Christian Collegeder

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Series by Ben Alexander

At one time a Spiritualist Medium, Ben Alexander now travels world-wide to expose everyone to the real and seductive dangers of the spirit world. Ben has spoken on over 1,000 radio and television programs, including the 700 Club, Trinity Broadcasting Network, KMOX (St. Louis), WGN (Chicago), KGO (San Francisco) WLN (Cincinnati), KING-TV (Seattle) WOWO (Ft. Wayne, James Kennedy, Marlin Maddox and many others.

Ben has traveled millions of miles to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to alert his audiences to the clear teachings of the Bible regarding occultic practices.

Now you can bring Ben's 3 day seminar message right into your home with his video series CHALLENGE OF THE OCCULT



Part 1 - Ouija Board: Discover the dangers of the Ouija Board and why hundreds have committed suicide over this 'simple board game'.
Watch a Clip! [Low-Res]
Watch a Clip! [High-Res]

Part 2 - Spiritualism: See how Ben, a former spiritualist medium, sank to the depths of Satan's darkness only to be rescued by the Love of Jesus Christ.
Watch a Clip! [Low-Res]
Watch a Clip! [High-Res]

Part 3 - Psychic Phenomena: In the most chilling series of all, watch as Ben presents actual photographs of demon possession taken during live seances.
Watch a Clip! [Low-Res]
Watch a Clip! [High-Res]

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Single Video Sets (DVD Only)........................$15.00 each plus $4.95 S&H


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