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Q - Is “white magic” OK since it’s using powers for good?

A- “Magic” is an attempt to alter reality through supernatural methods or by contact with spirit beings, usually by using visualization, rituals, incantations, and/or magical tools. People who cast spells or practice magic generally see magic as neutral (or as coming from some neutral source); one does magic on the “light” or the “dark” side, depending on the magician’s motives.  Some Wiccans, Witches, and others defend using “white” magic to do good, but reject using “black” magic to cause harm.

What the Bible Says…

No. God makes no distinctions between “good” and “bad” occult powers.  All magic is sorcery, and Scripture explicitly forbids it. Using magic even for seemingly good purposes isn’t really doing good, because there can be no lasting good from practicing something that God forbids.

Acts 19:19 describes how the people who had done magic gave it up after they trusted in Jesus: “And many of those who practiced magic brought their books together and began burning them in the sight of everyone”.

The powers of Pharaoh’s magicians couldn’t match God’s powers) Exodus 8:19, 9:11), and the King’s magicians couldn’t interpret his dreams when Daniel could through God’s revelation (Daniel 1:20, 2:27, 4:7, 5:7-30).

You Should Also Know…

Occultists don’t always view dark or black magic as evil---just more powerful and dangerous. Many occultists believe that advanced magic can include black magic, reasoning that at higher levels one has developed enough skill to “handle it.”  Some occultists even claim that there there’s no real difference in white and black magic at all, and that since there’s not absolute good or evil, we have no way of drawing a line between white and black magic. But we can’t forget that the categories of white and black magic are artificial and arbitrary, and NOT recognized by God.

Occult magic is not the same as “stage magic” (like pulling rabbits out of a hat or making coins disappear); those are skillful illusions, performed for entertainment.


One of the things that Ben loves most about his ministry is the opportunity that he gets to meet and talk with people from all over the world. One of the forums for this communication is done online e-mail. Below, you will find e-mails that have recently been sent to Ben and, in some cases, the responses that he made in reply. We hope that this will better help you understand that this ministry continues long after the weekend seminar series is over.

As you read these letters, keep in mind that one of the signs of an active ministry for God is that Satan will send those who will oppose it.

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God."
I Corinthians 1:18


"Just thought I would let you know that 1 don't buy your take on faith healing. The gift of healing is alive and well today... as are the other spiritual gifts the Bible clearly speaks about. I have personally seen AND followed up on miracles and healings in the lives of people in my own church. No... they may not be as dramatic and instantaneous as in the New Testament Church, but they were dead for hundreds of years and are being returned to the Church as the Church returns to the Lord I was wondering if you recalled the time Jesus laid hands on the man that was blind... remember the one that when Jesus first laid hands on him he saw men as trees and it took another touch for him to see them correctly? If it took the Son of God 2 touches why be-grudge a brother in Christ? From S.B."

Ben's Response: The above e-mail was a response to the article "Miraculous Divine Healing" found on my website. I do believe in divine healing, but not divine healers. We disagree with commercialized healing on TV and feel that prayer for the sick should be in church.


"Ben, Jesus may not have been a liar, but who is to say that I have to believe in the God that you believe in to be saved from the evil of this world? What about the Bible, it says that man is created evil and that Jesus died for our sins, what I don't get is that the Bible was created by man, therefore does that not make the Bible just as evil as man? Have you ever thought about how many times the Bible has been translated and revised? All versions of the Bible were translated by man, and with man being assumed for being evil, doesn't that suggest that the Bible was tampered with from the original form?
I may not be an ordained Christian, nor will I claim myself as one, but I have found there are a few good words of advice. But those words of advice I have found in other religions that have been around before the Bible and Jesus. Have you ever looked for similarities in the old religions with Christianity? I have found a lot between the religions of old with the religions of today. From: B.F."


"You're nuts. Yes I believe Jesus Christ is our savior... but did he not alter the physical to suit his needs? or other peoples' needs? Are we not all created in the image of God? We all have abilities we do not come close to tapping. Psycokinesis is not the work of the devil but the tapping in of the other 90% of our minds we do not normally use. Altering our environment to better our lives and our loved ones is not a sin. The Bible is still a book put together by man and altered over the years to the satisfaction of a select few church heads. You can't tell me it's NEVER been altered Energy is all around us. We are energy. God is energy. God helps those who help themselves. There is no harm in helping yourself, or your neighbor, or your brother. If you use the powers that be for those purposes, you have committed no sin .... From: George"

Ben's Response: You are absolutely right, we are made in the image of God. We are not only flesh and blood, we are also a spirit; God is not flesh and blood, He is a spirit and we are spirits in a human body. One day we will die and our flesh will turn to dust. However, our spirit will never die. We shall go to a place of paradise or to a life of eternal torment. God will be fair in his judgment.

Yes, we do have abilities. In the flesh God has shown in His Word how to live a moral life. He also told us to avoid living an immoral life. The same applies to the spirit; God has told us to worship Him in the Spirit. The Bible gives us instructions how to do this. God has also warned us not to use our psychic abilities to get involved in the occult. (Deut. 18:10)

I have been a researcher into occult practices for the last 50 years, one time as a medium and now as a Christian. I have been in the very extremes of psychic phenomena and I know how dangerous it could be. I am willing to send a complimentary copy of my book to help you understand where I am coming from.


"Dear Ben, l really get that you have a great love for your fellow mankind I understand how, as you have found peace and love through Christianity, you would want others to "see the light." You had a hard childhood and I am very happy you have found faith that leaves you fulfilled and sure of your afterlife.

If your words offer love and support to those that are foundering, I see your great service to the world I have found more peace, love and acceptance through Goddess spirituality than through following Jesus Christ. Perhaps you might appeal more to those who haven't found a faith in the divine. Wiccans do not convert others, but I'm sure that there are people who are looking, searching in fact, for the message you are carrying. I know of no wiccan in my experience that has that void to be filled I suggest that you change your target community to one that hasn't experienced divine love."


"Ben, l would like to start by saying how terribly sorry I am for you and your lack of understanding of your own religion. You choose to waste your time talking badly
about religions such as Witchcraft, not a very Christian thing to do I might add, when you could have spent that time studying and gathering a better understanding of
religion and spirituality as a whole. For starters, in order to be a Satanist, you MUST be christian, he is a christian myth created from an ancient God so that "The Church" could get a better hold of the people by threatening them damnation if they didn't submit and bow before the church. Witches DO NOT believe in satan. Our religion is a nature based spirituality, holding our Earth and skies as sacred Also, the majority of real Witches that I know, including myself, believe in one omnipotent Godhead, it's the same Diety no matter what you call him/her -- Yaweh, Jehovah, Zeus, Cernunnos. So you see, we all have the same goal, we just have different paths to travel to reach that goal. If you weren't so closed minded, you might see that and grasp it as GOD'S OWN TRUTH! Judging from what I have read, you have a lot to learn about both Witchcraft and Christianity. I know the Bible quite well and acknowledge it as a holy text. I'm sure I understand it better than you do. I am a High Priestess of Witchcraft with 4 covens located in your Florida. E-mail me if you have any questions about your misconceptions of christianity and Witchcraft. I would be happy to help you. Brightest Blessings, L, High Priestess, CC"


"Ben, You have made me one ticked off person, and I will gladly tell you why. Your information about Halloween is wrong, as well as the interpretation of the Druidic Religion. What I would like to know (is) where you have found the information you have based this stuff about.

I also think you fail to realize that the Catholic Religion is a blasphemy against Christianity, if you are wanting to point fingers at those who break the 10 commandments.

Catholics break the commandents, Thou shall not bear idols.

Thou shall not raise any other above me. The Catholics place Mother Mary on a pedestal just as high as they do Jesus Christ. And he is on a level just as high as "Our Mighty God" Is that not wrong? Doesn't that make the Roman Catholic Church an occult?

How about the rituals the Christian church does for Mass, Communion and the candle-lighting ceremonies (rituals)? Are they in the right for doing that? No, because they conformed into doing the such like that to make the pagans convert over to Catholicism in the early 1400's or so.

All "Christian" churches make its people pay a tithe . . . is that not wrong? Especially when that tithing does not go back to the people that have given it. Did not Jesus knock over the table that the tax collectors had set up outside the temple that he was preaching in?

Jesus did not need to preach in a building to spread the Word of God, so why must all of the churches have a building to preach in?

Name me one reason why I cannot believe in God with my own terms? And God could not be a female. Do you know that most non-Christian religions can be dated back before Christianity had even evolved into a religion.

Please, l dare you to reply to my questionings. May the Gods and Goddesses bless ye, and open your mind so that ye can see the Light, Lady A.D."


"Hello Mr. Alexander, l've had this problem now for about 2 to 3 years. It's difficult to judge exactly when this became a problem. I picked it up (I think) at my apartment. The building was called the Olivia and has been around since 1908. It has always been a den of darkness since its beginning. First it was a place for the wealthy, then it became a brothel, later the mob was the owner, and before I moved in it was mostly inhabitated by the homosexual. Unfortunately when I was there I was very. much involved in the problem. I was involved with illegal drugs and other definite sins against my beloved Lord and Savior. I have no justification or excuse, but rebellious youth for my actions. Anyway, the building was thriving with spiritual activity. I was living on the top and 5th floor of the building.

Well, there were numerous things I could tell you about my dealings with the spirits of that building. First would be how I got started communicating with the spirits. There was a small childlike spirit in the back three rooms that I came in contact with several times. I foolishly allowed myself to listen to what this spirit had to say. I asked it what it wanted to tell me and told it to write it down. It did on the walls of my closet. It roughly read 'kill mommy sad nfe' (which I took for knife). He also carved his name on the wall which was Adam with a kitchen knife I found in the closet.

Now comes the problem. I was sleeping in another apartment and felt a dangerous spirit enter the room. I could sense it somehow. Well, I prayed to God to remove the spirit and I got that tingling sensation. I guess the spirit took this as a challenge and has followed me ever since -- constantly trying to talk to me and harass me. It broke some of my things and carved this message on my wall: Now at Adam I kill knife. It has attacked me in more ways than I want to repeat and it has gotten beyond personal.

Since then I have moved home and quit my drug activity. However, I am still struggling with some sin which I know is not helping me to rid myself of this evil. Yet, even when I don't sin for long periods I am still affected and this makes me frustrated and more likely to want to give up and sin again.

One thing I have a question on is this problem has made my ears ring. Is that something common for this type of problem? At first I wrote it off as being really high, but have since come to realize that was not so. I'd appreciate anything you'd have to say. I am also thinking about talking to my minister about having you come and do a demonstration. If you would be interested, but it would be a rather long trip so I guess we should think about it. Maybe if you were in the area you could stop by some time. Having the ability to contact you via e-mail is very helpful.

Thanks for listening, J."


"I was prompted for some mysterious reason to look up Wiccan websites. Me, an x-witch, now a born again filled with The Holy Spirit, back-slidden for 2 years, 40-year-old who WAS a prayer warrior intercessor for 3 years -- 2 years ago. Now what prompted me to even look up a Wiccan website in the first place is very scary to me to almost even be lured by the evil fruit of a demon to return to my vomit. It scares me, BUT... God must still have His hand upon my life, why?

Well, for one thing, when I tried to go into spellbinding sites, they would not pull up on the screen. I tried repeatedly over and over to get into different witchy sites, the websites would NOT pull up: Frustrated clicking away, somehow your website is the only site to appear on the screen. I flushed when I read your letter; I was so flabberghasted that trying to pull up the evil things I should not of been dabbling in, and I get your letter? WELL THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER, THIS MUST BE MEANT FOR ME, A PROTECTION FROM JESUS, all for me? It is mind stretching that the only website I could possibly pull up is your letter. I had never heard of you. But everything I just read from you I already knew in my heart and used to bind the powers of darkness on demons as a prayer warrior at my own church.

WOW, the HEAVY CONVICTION of reading your letter I somehow even got makes me want to NOT continue my search into the Wicca world God is definitely using you, Ben Alexander. Just the fact that I was turned from searching evil just now because you were used by God... I was once saved by God's grace from this trip of wicked doings in the underworld, and now why I even attempted to go back there for even a glimpse of what Jesus rescued me from before, and Jesus washed me with His cleansing blood, scares me. I want to just thank you for being there when I needed you and I reached you by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will shut down my PC and NOT look up Wicca sites again with Jesus' help. Thank you, Ben Alexander, for allowing yourself to be used so mightily by the Holy Spirit.

P.S. This is really a supernatural act of God, how your letter changed my heart so fast. From: S.S."

Ben's Response: Dear Friend, thank you for your very encouraging e-mail. A few weeks ago a newspaper article in Georgia was written up about my ministry. My website was mentioned and I received 3000 hits and 285 emails. Most of them were filled with scorn, mockery and hate. One was a threat on my life. Your message was a breath of fresh air. If you care to send me an address I will send you a complimentary copy of my book. Your brother, Ben Alexander


"My first night of going to a new church, you were the guest speaker. I just wanted you to know you made a very positive impact on me. I am looking forward to becoming a dedicated Christian, no matter how hard it might be. I didn't get to buy your book that night and I've been searching all over the place for it. Well, best of luck and hope to see you again. From: D.D."


"Hello, St. Petersburg! What a treat to find your web page. I was a young woman of 29 when I first met you. I taped your sermons as did others in our congregation that revival week. I have never forgotten those messages and from time to time review them. I had no knowledge back then of the underworld and at the time didn't realize your sermons would have an impact in my life in years to come. I thank God you came to teach me -- so that I could be 1) aware and 2) awake. I am writing to thank you.
It may interest you to know how I found your page. I was looking among the booksellers for a book entitled, "The Devil In The Church and His Snares Laid To Destroy Our Public Schools," author anonymous. Well, I did find a copy -- which I received before Christmas -- but I was looking to find yet another to give to a friend To make a long story short, I came upon a search engine using the title The Devil In The Church (multiple listings) and I arrived at your page. Lo and behold! Your name in bold print. Always feel like God has laid His hand upon my shoulder when I find an old friend after all these years! It is truly a blessing to find your ministry after all these years. You see -- God's ministers do make an impact and are remembered I am 57 now.
I look forward to recommending your ministry page to others. I've just recently gone on-line and for an oldfashioned girl, a major transition! It took a long time to get here!

Well, I am glad to find other Christians still at work preaching His Word God bless you. You have made my heart glad today. C G."

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