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March 15, 1999

"A Million Miles"
By Derek Combs

At the age of 50 when most people are considering their options for retirement, Ben and Miranda Alexander started E.S.P. Ministries. I feel sure that Ben had little or no idea what he was about to embark on - nor that he would touch millions of peoples' lives and bring so many to Christ.

One million miles is approximately what Ben's records indicate he has traveled in his 25 years in the ministry. It is hard to fathom that amount of miles. He has traveled from top to bottom of the North American Continent hundreds of times, and from coast to coast hundreds of times. Along with this he has had thousands of speaking engagements with counseling sessions at each stop.

Not only is Ben still maintaining the same schedule he started with 25 years ago, but he is still keeping at the same pace. I don't think that we realize what Ben and his wife Miranda are doing. We may assume that they work 40 hours a week like many do. But 40 hours for Ben is just the beginning. They are constantly on the go, on the telephone counseling with people, sending out books and tapes and making the booking engagements for Ben to travel and speak.

Ben is also an internationally renowned evangelist and an acclaimed expert in many areas. He is a constantly sought after speaker, not only in this country, but in many foreign lands as well. There is never enough time for Ben to do all that is requested of him.

We have a person in Ben Alexander who is well educated in many areas. Hi is not just a person who came out of being a spiritualist and became a Christian. He has unlimited areas of expertise all backed up with sound Biblical doctrine. Few people, evangelists or speakers, have such a broad background and have as much knowledge as Ben does.

Ben has been recommended and commended by all who have heard him -- from the presidents of Bible colleges to the 700 Club and other national ministries. Ben has his book, Out from Darkness, now translated and circulated in Korea.

How many people Ben has actually "touched" is beyond calculation. Consider the 700 Club and Dr. James Kennedy's program alone, and you have millions of people who saw and heard Ben's message. Only God knows how many "seeds" Ben has planted that others have nurtured into Christian maturity.

Ben and Miranda put into action what they preach. While in Joplin, Missouri, they cleaned up all the pornography in that city. Ben led the charge and brought the city to the politicians and literally led them to pass legislation to rid the city of the filth. Ben and Miranda were also instrumental in getting the White Ribbon Against Pornography program started in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Ben truly has to have the Holy Spirit working overtime inside of him, giving him the energy and ability to do all that he does. As we see the end times getting closer, we realize how important Ben's work is to us. Your prayers would certainly be appreciated for his ministry.

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