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January 28, 1998

"Renowned Evangelist Exposes Satan in Olney"

Seventy-eight-year-old evangelist and minister Ben Alexander and his wife Miranda of St. Petersburg, FL started ESP Ministries 25 years ago. Mr. Alexander has since spoken on approximately 1,000 radio and television programs. ESP stands for Exposing Satan's Power and on January 13th, Ben Alexander did just that at the Elm Street Christian Church in Olney, TX.

"It is a gateway to the occult" said Ben Alexander, a former spiritualist medium. "The Ouija board is a highly sophisticated means devised by Satan to destroy men's lives. It's just a piece of masonite. There is no power in the board, but in the person using it! We are spirits in a human body and Satan can influence our spirits to make it work!"

Mr. Alexander who has spent the past 25 years warning of the dangers of such "fun" games as Ouija, Dungeons and Dragons and fortune telling, retold many personal testimonies of people whose lives have been ruined by getting into the occult. Many had begun with Ouija boards just for fun as children at a slumber party. To make his point, Mr. Alexander played a taped conversation that his wife had with an eighteen-year-old boy names Joseph who had called to tell her that he'd stolen and killed a baby. Often the boy's voice changed as he spoke about worshiping Satan and putting the dead child's body on his wall for decoration. Joseph had first used Ouija boards.

"When you mess with this stuff, you do things that you would normally not do," he said. "You break the first commandment of God: Thou shalt have no other gods before me; you ignore God's warning against divination in Deuteronomy 18:10-12; you encourage demon activity and you unbalance the mind."

Mr. Alexander's spoke for several hours, but his message was simple: The spirit world is real and God forbids us to contact it. The good news is that Jesus Christ defeated Satan at the cross and "greater is he that is in you (a Christian) than he that is in the world (Satan)."

During the question and answer time, he expressed his opinion that exorcism is not the Christian's job. "One is only delivered by becoming a child of God. We don't know if it is real demons or mental illness. Pray for the person, tell them the plan of salvation and show agape love. The person must repent and be baptized, then the problem takes care of itself."

Ben estimates that he has traveled over a million miles in the last 25 years warning people of the reality and dangers of spiritualism. He was born in England and raised in the slums by foster parents. At age eleven, his foster dad died screaming, "please don't let me die, God. I don't want to die, God help me." As a result, Ben developed a fear and obsession with death.

He wanted to contact his father and eventually became a spiritualist medium. Now he knows that what he was contacting were not deceased loved ones, but demons impersonating them.

His autobiography 'Out from Darkness' is an excellent expose on the occult and the many gateways to it that Satan is using in the USA today. Ouija boards, tarot cards, Dungeons and Dragons, and psychic hotlines are just a few that Mr. Alexander warns us that Satan is using to entice his victims. But the good news is, as his wife told Joseph, "Christ Jesus can release."

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