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Vol. 17 No. 11 Wednesday, January 14, 1998
*Matt Courter/Staff Writer

"Man speaks against evil"

The spirit world is real and is not to be tampered with.

That, in a nutshell, was the message of noted expert Ben Alexander during a message at Elm Street Christian Church Tuesday night. Among items discussed during the message were Satanism and the occult. Alexander said some kids are introduced into the occult through seemingly innocuous means such as the Ouija board by opening them up to the spirit world. Also mentioned were psychics. Alexander said that while 99 percent are fake, there are real psychics.

"Some have real power." Alexander said, adding their power comes from demons. Alexander said Satan is real and comes in different forms. "So many Christians think Satan is easy to recognize," Alexander said. Alexander went on to give some examples of cases he has encountered people who were possessed and involved in the spiritual world.

Alexander stated that Ouija boards can be an introduction into the occult and spiritualism, noting that Toys-R-US reported that about 5,000 are sold in the U.S. every week. "This is not a toy Alexander said. "It is a product of Satan used to destroy souls.

The power is not in the item itself, Alexander stated, but in those who use it.

Alexander said these types of games can also have a damaging psychological effect on those who use them. Delving into this type of material is called divination, Alexander said. This is the art of obtaining information about the spirit world which is forbidden by God, Alexander said. Alexander said there are several types of people who get involved in this type of spiritualism: Spiritualists who want to know about the spirit world, those who want to know the future, and also those who teach parapsychology which is the study of the occult, making it into a science, Alexander said.

Alexander urged children not to get involved in the occult or Satanism, saying, "You never know when death can catch up with you. It's important to live for Jesus." Alexander also mentioned such games as Dungeons and Dragons and role playing games as being "Games of hate, murder and killing," Alexander stated three things happen when one engages in these activities: "You break the first commandment of God, you are encouraging demonic activity in your lives and the unbalancing of the mind." Alexander added that if one is a Christian, they cannot be possessed: It is the non-Christian that is in danger of this.

Alexander said children should be prayed for and added the ultimate responsibility lies with the parents of the children. Alexander ended his talk with a question and answer session from the crowd and said his message was to show the reality of the spirit world, a" that only through Jesus can one receive happiness. In addition to speaking on these topics, Alexander gave examples of some experiences he has had with the occult and played a tape for the audience of a boy who was possessed. "Satan knows and sees our weaknesses," Alexander said, emphasizing that people should not delve into the spirit world. Alexander added there are 150 scriptures that warn of an increase in this type of behavior during the last days.

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